Monday, January 21, 2008

Rolled Chicken Sandwich

My hubby bought this chicken sandwich slices.
I made the usual chicken sandwich with bread, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, etc, but umar doesn't like it.
So, I rolled it in bread.

6 Chicken sandwich slices (can use chicken bologna or the likes)
6 bread
2 eggs, beat
flour mix with little water to make a thick paste

-roll the bread flat using a rolling pin (to avoid oil from seeping thru while deepfrying)
-lay chicken slices on the bread and roll tight, use the flour paste as glue, at the end
-dip in egg
-roll in breadcrumbs
-deep fry until golden
-serve with chilli sauce..

the lower picture is the one using sardines instead of chicken slices.

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nadiyah said...

maksu, nmpk mcm sedap jer...., haihh....