Monday, January 14, 2008

Masak Lemak Cili Api Ikan Jenahak

I always love 'gulai lemak cili api'. I just love anything that have bird's eye chillies in it.
Here goes the recipe.

2 large slices of 'ikan jenahak'

pound together-
-3 red onions
-2 inches turmeric
-1 lemongrass
-5-10 bird's eye chillies

2 slices 'asam keping'
1 bowl coconut milk

-put everything together in a pot.
-cook over low heat, stir from time to time.
-add salt


PrincessJournals said..., malu nak tanya but kena tanya jugak. wht is ikan jenahak ye? any other type of ikan yg good for masak lemak cili padi?

drNO said...

heheheheh... x tau la nk describe mcmana the fish... it's big. since we bought it in slices.. isi dia yg best, lps msk pun still soft..
actually me myself pun x kenal sgt ikan2 ni, I bought my stock from tesco, nasib baik ada label..
u can use any fish for masak lemak- ikan kembong, keli, tenggiri, I penah tgk org guna salmon and cod too, tp I haven't tried that.

Anonymous said...

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